Why I am not excited…

I will not lie to you, that I am all excited by you being here right now.

I am not excited, simply because at this very moment I most probably have no idea, that you are here, reading this welcome message. Right now I might be asleep or writing next article or doing something totally unrelated to this website.

Not only I don’t know, that you are here. I don’t know anything about you either. Yes, I am totally clueless about who you are, if you are a woman or a man, how old you are and where you are from. There are many other things I don’t know about you. For example, what do you like, what do you hate or dislike and what do you love? What problems are you facing right now? What state of the mind are you at this very moment. I have absolutely no idea.

What I really think about your presence here

But. There is one big BUT. Right now, at this moment (for you in past, but for me the actual now) I do think about you. I confess, that I am imagining you. It does not matter to me, if you came here with a certain purpose or if you stumbled upon my web by a chance. It’s of no consequence, if you will spend here just a few moments, or if you will be here for half an hour or longer.

By your sheer presence, I am humbled and honoured.

You made it so far on this article. That indicates only one thing. You found my writing worth of your attention and of your time. And THAT means a lot to me.

While at this very moment (your moment, when you are reading this) I am totally unaware of your presence; at my moment, when I am writing this Welcome letter, I can feel your presence and your bewilderment (who on earth would say to a visitor on their website not to be excited by their visit? The answer: ME 😀 😀 😀 ). I anticipate, that you might even have a bit of laugh, don’t you? But above all, I see you in my mind and you are still reading. That is the most important thing for me.

The fact, that you continue to read tells me a great deal about you. For example I feel, that we would get well along. I think, we would understand each other. We might have different opinions on some things, we might even engage in fierce discussions on some issues, but we will both know, that you can be friend with someone, even if you have some different opinions.

What is my website about

And that is exactly, what my site is all about. What you will find here are my beliefs and my opinions on a very wide range of issues. I am aware, that some of them are rather controversial. But being a blend of ENTP (debater) and INTP (Logician) personality type, I am not afraid to cause a bit of steer with my views. Quite contrary! I ENJOY a good debate. Indeed, sometimes I even engage in discussions as a ‘devil’s advocate’, defending the exact opposite of ideas I hold, just because I want to understand problem from different angles and viewpoints. On the top I have to warn you, what you will find here is going to be brutal and honest truth. It doesn’t mean, that I will share everything from my mind and life. It means, that what I will share, will be brutally honest.

Why I share my views and beliefs

I have a few reasons, why i put my opinions for a public scrutiny. The biggest one is my genuine belief, that many issues in our society originate from abandonment of core principles and values, which happened both, on a personal level and in a society as whole.

I also believe, that I have a personal responsibility to share what I believe in and, to promote those values. So do you. I don’t imply, that I have answers to everything and that my values are the universal truth everyone should adapt. But I believe, that lack and suppression of fundamental values drastically affects the basic functions of our society. The suicide rate, especially between males, is at all time high and spinning out of control. The loneliness, especially between older generation, is such a problem, that it has to be addressed at governmental levels. And there are other issues I am deeply interested in.

Overview of website

I’ve just realised, that the length of this letter got a bit out of hand, didn’t it? 🙂 So let’s wrap up the welcome with short tour-around of the website. I will also point out a few rules I set, to keep the debate civilised and, if possible, PG rated. 😉 .

The first thing. You already saw the cookie and privacy policy banner. Sorry for that, I know it’s sometimes annoying to close it on every website you visit. But the EU bureaucrats force us to do it. I’ve put the notice on autopilot, therefore it closes automatically. If you didn’t had enough time to read it, or if you want to find out more, in the white menu above (on tablets & mobiles you have to touch the 3 lines to access it) is a link named Legal documents. There you will find the Privacy Policy and a lot of other legal stuff. On the same menu you can see a links to all sections of the blog. You will find out, that some of them are still empty. I will add more articles as i will write them and I will try to change the topics so I can cover all sections.

Comment policy explained

In each section will be short description and a list of articles in the category. I allow comments on all articles. They have to be approved before they will appear (at least for now). I don’t cherry-pick comments. I love good discussion with any view. I do approve opposite views.

I don’t approve profanity, smearing campaign accusing of wrongdoing without proof (presumption of non-guilt is a big thing, you know) and name calling. The same goes about racist, violence and criminal activity supporting comments. That’s the main reason, I will police the comments for the time being.

As I am doing everything on my own, it may happen, that I will miss something unacceptable. I encourage you to report to me anything you will deem inappropriate. You can find the full Comment policy here

Get my fortnightly newsletter

You can subscribe to my newsletter too. I will NEVER sell your data to anyone. I am honoured by your decision to let me into your inbox. That is the reason, why I will never abuse your trust. You can read my full Privacy Policy here.

This is it. You made it to the end!

For now this is all. Once again I welcome you to my site. If you read all this, you either have too much time on your hands or you are really interested. I hope it’s the later, for the sake of both of us 😉 . I wish you, to find many helpful posts, extract as much as you can from my web. I am looking forward to spend time together and, hopefully, to grow in mutual appreciation, even if our views on some issues will be different. After all, that is the sign of mature personalities we all should strive to become. Have a great day and see you around.