On July 2nd 1969, after nearly 20 hours of labour endured by my mum, ten minutes before midnight, crying and covered in a white, cheese-like stuff, I entered the world.

Unaware of my surroundings, little did I know, that my birth marked two special occasions. One of them was filled with joy and celebration. By a cats whisker I managed to be born as a birthday gift to my dad. Since then until his untimely death we both celebrated our birthdays on the same day.

My my last-minute ruch to come out on that day somehow predicted, how I will handle time-sensitive tasks. I always left everything to the very last moment, and only when the odds seemed impossible, I started to do what was needed. Mostly I did finish on time, by sheer luck or some unexplainable force, which was on my side for most of my life. Only recently did I focused on my time management and started to take my responsibilities more seriously. More on that will be elsewhere. For now let’s return to my day of birth.

The other event which marked my life actually happened nine months ago, just before I have been conceived. It was a sad, tragic moment. In October 1968, talented motorcycle speedway racer tragically died in an accident during Golden Helmet Cup of Pardubice. His name was Lubos Tomicek. (Prague Memorial of Lubos Tomicek – YouTube video)

My dad was a big fan of speedway racing. By pure chance our family name matched the surname of deceased racer. When dad found out, tah a child is on the way, his choice was instant. If it is boy, it will be Lubos in honour of the great racer. And thus, since the day of my birth, I wear a name od a Czechoslovakian racer. Later, in my teens, dad confessed, that he hoped I would be interested in speedway racing. Fortunately, he didn’t impose his dream on me, and thus I have been free to pursue my own hobbies and interests.