Lubos Tomicek

writer ~ mental health advocate ~ blogger ~ debater ~ logician

The Tree of Life is a tool designed to help us build wholesome and balanced life we can enjoy and be proud of.

No matter, what our circumstances are, each of us can at any time change the direction we’re heading in, if we desire to do so. That does not mean we can change all circumstances we live in. It means, that we can change the way we respond to them.

The Tree of Life can be your roadmap, helping you to navigate where you want to go, instead of being adrift to the place you don’t want to be in. As with any tool, the value of Tree of Life is not in the knowledge of it, but in it’s use.

Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end.

Napoleon Hill

In this section you will find general information about Tree of Life, how it came to life, what is it, how it works and why. In subsections you will find detailed description of each part of the Tree, practical tips of use and examples of the results.

It is my belief, that anyone who applies the principles of the Tree of Life will not only see improvements, but also experience the deep feeling of joy and self-respect. Bellow you have articles and links to subsections of Tree of Life. Enjoy, learn and use.

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