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Katie Maylea / The tale of the brain disorder survivor (mental health advocate)

In Bloom Not Broken book

My review from Amazon:

Katie wrote an incredible book. I believe, that this book should be compulsory part of curriculum in every medical school and in every health care training around the country. Even more, it should be introduced into curriculum for year 10 or 11 and presented in some society related classes.
I believe, that if this would happen, it will change the perception of people suffering from brain disorders in one generation.
‘In Bloom, Not Broken’ is so raw and so accurate in describing the turmoil of a person with mental illness. I found myself nearly on every page. I cried while reading and I had to stop so many times, that it took me over 10 hours to finish the book. Even just thinking about it now brought the tears to my eyes. But behind them, somewhere in that gray mushy matter, which caused me so much pain, there is now a small spark. A spark of hope ignited by an amazing woman, who bared it all and wrote down her story.
Thank you, Katie. You are an angel! THANK YOU!

You can buy Katie’s book on Amazon* in paperback or in Kindle version

Book description from Amazon

A book to provide insight and hope into mental illness including self harm, anorexia, depression, suicidal ideation, bipolar and psychosis.A must read for both people struggling with mental health issues and those who treat them.Katie Provides a personal first person account in to the world of living with mental illness as well as to the treatment system covering both NHS and private sectors.Author Katie Maylea makes her debut in this raw, honest memoir about surviving life when living seems no longer an option. Katie revisits her past and looks beyond to her future as a person living with mental illness, sharing with the reader a message of hope driven by sheer audacity. Through personal writings spanning years, Ms. Houghton invites us into the mind of a troubled young woman navigating through the hostile, barren landscape of depression entirely by feel, driven by her insatiable will to survive no matter the obstacles in her way. As the author guides the reader through her journey, she offers candid self-examinations of her actions, behaviours, and experiences against the backdrop of a tumultuous childhood and adolescence marked by family upheaval and undiagnosed mental illness. In detailing her subsequent experiences with self-harm, anorexia,bipolar disorder and the battle for the right treatment the author offers a compassionate perspective on life lived in spite of adversity before her eventual redemption through mental health treatment. Inspiring and thought-provoking, advocates, treatment professionals, and general readers alike will be moved by such perseverance despite the rabidity of personal demons.

Katie’s biography

I have battled mental illness for most of my life from self harm and depression to anorexia and bipolar. Illness and hospital admissions took a large portion of my life and I believed that I would never amount to anything. 
After years of fighting and working on myself and my recovery I wanted to share my story to offer hope and inspiration to others to show that things can get better even when it seems impossible – if you just hold on. 

I now campaign for mental health awareness and have spoken publicly and to the media about various mental health topics and my own journey. I work hard to raise awareness by doing local projects, events and am constantly building on this to find new ways to create conversation around mental health and challenge stigma.I have recently been awarded a Lord Mayor Award for my work surrounding this which I hope I can continue to grow. 

I have a website where I blog, vlog, and share my various projects while trying to share my own journey to offer hope to others: MentalHealthJourney

I also have an Etsy shop where I make many mental health related gifts Katies Cabin Handmade

I have an upcoming childrens book “Felix The Fox And His Awesome Odd Socks” being published, expected in 2020 surrounding acceptance of ourselves and others and positive mental health.

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