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The revolution in publishing makes it easy today for anyone who wants to publish a book. Plenty of ‘coaches’ offer to teach you how to write and publish a book in 90 days or less. And thus, the number of authors grown exponentially within last decade and so did a number of published books.

An author is not automatically a writer

A lot of people jumped on the bandwagon of writing. Some, because they crave being in spotlights. Others hope to make seemingly easy money.

(Spoiler alert: most authors make very little money from their published work.)

And yet others only want to earn bragging rights of being an author. Some of those even hire a ghost writer to write the book for them and put their name on somebody else’s work. None of those are writers.

There are many books in the world. Not all of them are worth reading. But many are…

There are others. Those, who desire to share their knowledge or beliefs. They, sometimes very painstakingly, write and rewrite and edit their drafts to finally put their massage out to the public. They are authors. Honest authors. But they too are not writers.

The love of writing

A writer loves writing. Writer loves writing for its own sakes. Writer does not crave recognition. Writer doesn’t mind small or no rewards. Sometimes writer might never publish. Writer might have another job. Writer might not write for weeks or even months when life goes crazy. But when the chance arise, writer writes. Writing is writers pleasure.

I too love writing. I love to draw the ink from the bottle and put the pen to the paper. Let it slide over white (or not so white) page, leaving the traces of my thoughts embedded on once empty sheets. It’s a precious time. The ink is bonding with paper. The letters are formed one by one and joined into words. There are scribbled over parts, when I made mistake or realised a better way to express what pours from my mind. That, the process of writing, gives me a pleasure.

Not everyone understands

The joy of writing is something not everyone will and can understand. But there are many others, who are like me. You might be one of them. Spellbound by the magical force of writing. Sculpting your thoughts formulated inside your brain, painting them with strokes of pen onto blank canvas, be it a paper or computer screen.

Writing as a therapy

Writing is a form of therapy too. It helps to calm troubled mind, dumping out all the notions buzzing inside the brain. It brings peace. It let you to get lost in ideas, in different place, different time or different universe. It can bring smile or tears, angst or joy, past or future. Writing is not a profession. It’s a way of living.

Who are you?

You can be an author and yet not being a writer. You can be a writer without being an author. But the best of all worlds is to be a writer who becomes an author. Who of those two are you at this moment?

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